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đź‘‹ Welcome to Learning Flutter!

You’re about to take the first step on your journey to become a mobile developer, or maybe you’re already an experienced native or react native developer interested in Flutter. We got you covered!

If you’re asking yourself What is Flutter or Why should I use it you can check our article about it. If you’re ready to start follow the steps below:

Flutter TLDR

Instead of React Native that uses web components Flutter bridges down to native components so it’s way faster. Also if you need to go to the bare metal you can always write a plugin in native code for both iOS and Android and include it in your Flutter application.

Google is also working on what’s rumored to be a new mobile OS called Fuchsia Project using Dart as a programming language just as Flutter.

Ready to dive in?

Make sure to follow these steps in order. When you’re learning something new it might sound great to just run with it and start throwing something together (and we don’t discourage that, go do it!), but these tutorials have been designed to be read sequentially as a unit.

  1. Make sure to first install the necessary components.
  2. Try our tutorial on making your first Flutter application. If you’re new to programming you should check our dart quickstart for new programmers first.
  3. Check out the rest of the website for more tutorials.
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  5. If you’re looking for something more advanced you can work towards developing your first Markdown Editor.

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